Hello everyone,

Oh my, it's been an eventful month so far.  All 3 of us have been super busy with the server and our personal lives. Here is an update on the server so far!  Please congratulate Treson (kartencandyz) on taking Owner tag on the server! He will still be the Chief of Staff, and all staffing inquiries should be given to him.  As many of you know, we did have multiple security breaches on our server, resulting in lots of downtimes.  Fortunately for us, one of the hackers showed us how to fix the issues and we should no longer have any hacking issues. :)

We'd also like to take a moment and remind you of a few server rules we've been having issues with recently.  Do NOT ask us or even mention any applications you have submitted to us!  We have been lenient on this and mentioning or asking about staff applications will now result in a mute and instant denial of your application.  Please also do not ask/beg other players on the server to give you items or upgrade pickaxes.  We have had multiple complaints about this happening.

We are excited to have met our donation goal so early this month!  Thank you all so much.

We are hoping that by the end of June, we will have enough of a player base to add SkyBlock and potentially a Hub server!

Over and out,